Friday, March 16, 2012

Laura Cantrell Discography

Laura Cantrell Discography

Laura Cantrell Discography

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*Laura Cantrell

+Humming By The Flowered Vine/01 14th Street.m4a

+Humming By The Flowered Vine/02 What You Said.m4a

+Humming By The Flowered Vine/03 And Still.m4a

+Humming By The Flowered Vine/04 Khaki & Courduroy.m4a

+Humming By The Flowered Vine/05 Letters.m4a

+Humming By The Flowered Vine/06 California Rose.m4a

+Humming By The Flowered Vine/07 Wishful Thinking.m4a

+Humming By The Flowered Vine/08 Poor Ellen Smith.m4a

+Humming By The Flowered Vine/09 Bees.m4a

+Humming By The Flowered Vine/10 Old Downtown.m4a

+Kitty Wells Dresses/01 Track 01.m4a

+Kitty Wells Dresses/02 Track 02.m4a

+Kitty Wells Dresses/03 Track 03.m4a

+Kitty Wells Dresses/04 Track 04.m4a

+Kitty Wells Dresses/05 Track 05.m4a

+Kitty Wells Dresses/06 Track 06.m4a

+Kitty Wells Dresses/07 Track 07.m4a

+Kitty Wells Dresses/08 Track 08.m4a

+Kitty Wells Dresses/09 Track 09.m4a

+Kitty Wells Dresses/10 Track 10.m4a

+Not The Tremblin' Kind/01 Not The Tremblin' Kind.m4a

+Not The Tremblin' Kind/02 Little Bit Of You.m4a

+Not The Tremblin' Kind/03 Queen Of The Coast.m4a

+Not The Tremblin' Kind/04 Pile Of Woe.m4a

+Not The Tremblin' Kind/05 Two Seconds.m4a

+Not The Tremblin' Kind/06 Churches Off The Interstate.m4a

+Not The Tremblin' Kind/07 The Whiskey Makes You Sweeter.m4a

+Not The Tremblin' Kind/08 Do You Ever Think Of Me.m4a

+Not The Tremblin' Kind/09 Big Wheel.m4a

+Not The Tremblin' Kind/10 My Heart Goes Out To You.m4a

+Not The Tremblin' Kind/11 Somewhere, Some Night.m4a

+Not The Tremblin' Kind/12 The Way It Is.m4a

+When The Roses Bloom Again/01 Too Late For Tonight.m4a

+When The Roses Bloom Again/02 All The Same To You.m4a

+When The Roses Bloom Again/03 Early Years.m4a

+When The Roses Bloom Again/04 Don't Break The Heart.m4a

+When The Roses Bloom Again/05 Wait.m4a

+When The Roses Bloom Again/06 Mountain Fern.m4a

+When The Roses Bloom Again/07 Vaguest Idea.m4a

+When The Roses Bloom Again/08 Yonder Comes A Freight Train.m4a

+When The Roses Bloom Again/09 Broken Again.m4a

+When The Roses Bloom Again/10 When The Roses Bloom Again.m4a

+When The Roses Bloom Again/11 Conqueror's Song.m4a

+When The Roses Bloom Again/12 Oh So Many Years.m4a

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