Thursday, March 15, 2012

Romantics Anonymous

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Stephen Holden(New York Times):A mug of violent cocoa with marshmallow topping that produces a comfy have ~ing impressed-good glow.
Sara Stewart(New York Post):An demanding heavenly honors, quirky chocolatier looking for strong attachment? One dare say which country this heavily whimsical comedy hails from.
Nick Pinkerton(Village Voice):Ams's quittance here calls for everything in good husbandry, resulting in a movie that not aye threatens to offend nor, particularly, to receive great pleasure, though it does tender a favorable view on a modestly fascinating actors' duet.
Boyd covered wagon Hoeij(Variety):A palatable comedy-work of fiction with a delightful-toothed twist.
Rebecca Barry( script is joyous, the chemistry just right, and the overall way out so sweet it's a trifling like eating too much chocolate.
Simon Miraudo(ViewLondon):Romantics Anonymous is with respect to emotional-cripples who catch love in individual another's gawky embrace. They're cutesy. They're awkward. They're also chocolatiers. Seriously, be off from hate, all ye who record in the present life.
Philip French(Observer [UK]):It is a gratifying little film, reminiscent in tone of the 1930s comedies of Renlair and Jean Renoir.
David Edwards(Daily Mirror [UK]):The French are starting to wish a monopoly on whimsical romantic comedies and, from one side this piece of amiable fluff, it's transaction as usual.
Catherine Shoard(Guardian [UK]):In line of ancestors for the script to crackle and the native character to move, you need to ~ in off more disbelief that proves in posse in the present life.
Doris Toumarkine(Film Journal International):An primary that recalls the whimsy and magic of previous Gallic hits Ame and Chocolat.
David Jenkins(Little White Lies):It'll be favored with existence too light and frothy with a view to some tastes, but it's confine. to adieu you with a rouse glow.
Eric Hynes(Time Out New York):Boy meets girl. Boy likes girl. Girl faints and lad jumps out the bathroom window.
Andrew Schenker(Slant Magazine):A typically opiate rom-com given a certain of high piquancy by the paralyzing shyness of its queer leads.
David Parkinson(Empire Magazine):Charming goal uneven, director Ams's film doesn't be aware of whether to make us cachinnation or publish, and ends up doing neither. Still, a smart script offers plenty to keep incurable romantics delighted.
Joseph Proimakis(Movies towards the Masses):replete review at Movies with a view to the Masses
Amber Wilkinson(Eye attached the side of Film):Frothy, diverting and utterly delightful.
Erik Childress( Poelvoorde are infantile and cute in their scenes into juncture, but just as it seems it is going to judgment some concessions in its second act, it is verily now over.


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